The Box

Official poster for The Box (2020), short documentary directed by James Burns and Shal Ngo, starring Jack DiFalco, Daniel Danielson and Alana Barrett-Adkins.

“The Box is a hybrid short film that combines documentary, stop-motion animation, and cinematic vignettes to immerse our audience in the world of solitary confinement. We interview three people who have spent a combined 9 years in solitary, one of whom is of the two directors of the film, James Burns. All three stories are told at the same time and progressively build onto one another, each subject telling a different chapter from the same book. This is a story about the value of human connection and a group of survivors who lost everything but found light in the darkness. We see how they ended up in solitary, how that experience brought them to the darkest place imaginable, and how they struggled against all odds to find freedom and a meaningful life on the outside.”

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    Honorable Mention at SXSW 2021 Film Festival Awards in Poster Design Competition category

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    Private commission

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