Catching Spirits

Official poster for Catching Spirits (2022), a short film directed by Vanessa Baletic, starring Destiny Freidin, Justin Porter and Brian Drake.

“Since childhood, Destiny has been told she has seizures when she dances. An unexplained phenomena that’s resulted in deep fear and her refusal to dance- despite being drawn to it. What she doesn’t know, is that she has an ancient ability – a birthright of the Haitian women in her lineage going back for ages. Today, in LA, Destiny is still in the dark about her ancestral power but strange things are happening. Destiny is tormented by voices in her head, calling her to “test the waters” and compelling her to stalk someone. When she’s challenged to face her fear and dance, Destiny makes a decision that could reveal a secret she doesn’t yet understand. Will dancing kill her or unlock something magical?”

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